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What do we value?

Reality Check

Reality Check is our core set of values at RealLife. It sets the tone and trajectory for how we get things done. If the mission is the compass, Reality Check is the map that gives us direction. 

To this end, these core values are “aspirational,” meaning that although at any given time we may not be perfectly living them out, they are, indeed, our goal.

In order to saturate North Central Washington with the Great News of Jesus, we will think big. We will set impossible goals, taking bold steps of faith and watching God move.

We lead the way in generosity. Our staff and church will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in North Central Washington.

We are known for what we are for, not against. We promote the hope and grace of Jesus rather than using our platform to condemn.

Simplicity enables excellence. We’re intent on weeding out complexity and unnecessary hoops to jump through. Jesus kept his message simple and we intend to do the same.

We strive to be simply real. Real is the new genuine. We are honest, open, and accepting people with real needs, looking for the real truth. With imperfect messy lives we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and with each other.

Helping people and showing the love of Jesus to our community is most important to us. We are involved in the community and we serve North Central Washington every way we can. We want to lead a revolution through serving…A Servolution!

The Church was originally designed to do life together! People are created to compliment, to enjoy and to help one another. We are dedicated to fostering relationships by creating a small group culture of care and compassion. As we grow larger, we can stay connected.

Faith without action is useless. We strive to be the strongest advocates, God’s love in action, for the hurting, poor, forgotten, and broken in our communities and around the world; serving the last, the least, and the lost.

We represent God’s best when we bring excellence to all we do. We like to do things well without expecting unrealistic perfection. We bring our “A-game” to everything we do – whether it’s our communication and music, how we hold babies in the nursery or how we take care of the building.

God has given us a huge vision that no one person can complete on their own. To work as a team towards the vision God has given us we have to lay aside our egos and personal aspirations. By working together and challenging each other we become much stronger and more effective as a team than we are alone.

We will continually search for new and culturally relevant ways to present Christ’s message while remaining true to Scripture. We will discontinue activities and ministries that have lost relevance and effectiveness. We believe in delivering truth through creativity, innovation, and risk-taking.