RealLife Groups

Our Sunday services are too big to build meaningful community

And honestly, that’s not even our Sunday goal. So how do we stay faithful to God’s call to reach out and make room for everyone, but still be able to connect in a more relational setting for community? Through RealLife Groups.

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Six-week small group designed to work on communication with your spouse.
We know that real life change happens in circles and not rows. This is especially true when it comes to marriage. One thing that’s almost guaranteed to help you build a stronger connection in your marriage is listening. If you and your spouse want to learn more about this important skill and build it together, then you’ll want to sign up for one of our Piña Colada Marriage Groups!
Who: Married couples
When & Where: Fill out the sign up form and someone will contact you to get more information and help place you in a group based on the evenings you are available to meet.

No more money fights! With Financial Peace University, you will learn how to create (and stick to) a budget, save for emergencies and make plans for the future. Now doesn’t that sound peaceful?

Who: Anyone!

When: Starting Wednesday, March 12

Where: Jim Broome’s House

Contact: Jim Broome, 509-630-8625 or [email protected]

Life can be difficult and we all come with a bag of issues from our past, which can derail us from the path that God has for us. Instead of trying to do life alone, let’s create a circle of friends for spiritual growth, encouragement and real life support. The first four weeks we’ll get to know each other and learn what having ga small group means, then we’ll move into more in-depth learning, sharing using various resources and having some fun outdoors.

Who: Men

When: Mondays @6:30pm

Where: Greg’s house in Manson

Contact: Greg King, 425-218-5422 or [email protected]

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The Philosophy

We model ourselves like the first century church by having a large group celebration once a week (Sundays), and then gathering in smaller groups during the week for real growth…kinda like the way Jesus did with the people He hung out with. 

These groups are a great way to meet new friends, have a good time, make a difference in the community and grow in your relationship with God. You’ll find people who are friendly but not manic, spiritual but not obnoxious. These are folks who don’t take themselves too seriously, but want to make the most out of life.


Kevin Martin