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Because… when your marriage is better, everything is better.

Helping couples make marriage real, fun, and simple.


No matter what state your marriage is in, we can all do marriage better. Together.


We believe that fun in marriage isn’t extra. It’s essential. One of the best ways to protect your marriage is to enjoy your marriage.

RealImpact Strives To:


Connection is the key to all great relationships. We’ll share simple tools to improve your connection with your spouse.

“Encouraged in heart, united in love” Colossians 2:2

Real Marriage is founded on four core habits:

  • Have Serious Fun
  • Love God First
  • Respect and Love
  • Practice Your Promise

We hope to inspire you and your partner to find time to regularly connect with each other and join LIFE groups where your marriage is supported by safe, supportive friendships with other couples. 

Our strategy will include:

Date Nights: We hope to inspire you and your spouse to find time regularly to connect with each other

Small Groups: Marriage groups are safe places to develop friendships with other couples who support your marriage.

Program Director

 Sarah Barnes
[email protected]