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Discussion Questions: 1/3/21, Hindsight’s 2020

1.  Describe a time when you ran into trouble, big or small, because you didn’t follow the directions.

2. Talk about a time when you’ve seen someone repeat the same mistakes in an area of life that matters most—finances, relationships, parenting, leadership, romance. Were his or her errors obvious to you? If so, why do you think you were able to see the situation more clearly than that person?

3.  When have you been guilty of assuming that experience alone makes you wiser or that since you know better you’ll do better in the future? What were the results of that assumption?

4.  When have you made a poor decision because you believed time was against you? What was the cost of rushing into that decision?

5. In what area of life are you currently starting over? What mistakes do you want to avoid repeating?