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Discussion Questions: 3/14/21, Love, Dates & Heartbreaks

1.  What’s something you desperately wished for as a child (e.g., a puppy or a certain Christmas gift)? Did you end up getting it?

2. In an area other than marriage (e.g., at work), how do you typically respond when what you hoped for doesn’t happen?

  • Ignore it: Pretend you didn’t really want it.
  • Stay busy: Distract yourself with something else.
  • Find someone else: Find someone else who can do the job.

3.  Take a minute to consider how you’ve responded in romantic relationships when what you hoped for didn’t happen. (If you’re comfortable, share with the group)

4.  Andy said: “God doesn’t want polite. He wants you . . . heart wide open.” Does that match the view of God (or prayer) you grew up with?

5. Which hope, dream, or desire that you’ve been putting on your spouse should you instead be “casting on God”?