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Discussion Questions: 7/25/21, Check It Out

1. We constantly think about our finances . . . our relationships . . . our futures. But how often does
our sinfulness show up on our radar?

2. What is your first response when hearing “You are a sinner”?

3. Why does being considered a “sinner” seem so harsh, yet “making mistakes” such a normal part of life?

4. What is the grandest act of sacrifice anyone has ever done for you?

5. Read Romans 5:6-8. The apostle Paul writes about ungodly people, righteous people, and good people. Which category would you place yourself in?

6. It’s uncomfortable to think that someone had to pay for our sin. But it’s the truth. God did something for us by sending his son. What is keeping you from putting your faith and confidence in Christ as your Savior?