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Discussion Questions: 8/8/21, I Got A Question

1. Do you have any friends whom after your first impression, you didn’t think you would like? What changed?

2. What you think about someone affects how you feel about them. Which of these best describes your current view of God or how you have viewed him in the past?

• The referee god: you’ll never get it right.
• The Alexa god: when you need answers, he’s there to help.
• The grandpa god: he’s nice, but not really relevant or connected.
• The cloud god: he is distant and not really knowable.
• The fairytale god: he is too good to be true.
• A good father: he’s the father you’ve always dreamed of.

3. In Galatians 4:6, the apostle Paul refers to God as “Abba” or “Daddy.” Is it difficult for you to call God Daddy? If so, why?

4. When we see God as a good father, we realize these three things are true:

• He loves us.
• He is with us.
• He is for us.

Which of these is hardest for you to embrace? Is there something specific that is preventing you?

5. What can you do this week to change your way of thinking about God?